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*All shows are performed at 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and at 3pm on Sundays, 2nd Thursdays are Pay-What-You-Can Performances*

Of the Fields Lately by David French

February 10, 11, 12 / *16, 17, 18, 19 / 24, 25, 26

David French brings us the Mercer family coming together for the funeral of Ben’s aunt, his mother’s sister.  Ben returns home after an absence of two years to find his parents and their best friend Wiff, trying to sustain his father.  Illness has forced Jacob out of work and he can’t reconcile himself to his frightening situation.  Everyone in the play discovers something about himself under the pressure of a strained relationship between father and son.

“Worthy and convincing. Line by line, scene by scene, it is above reproach.” – The New York Times

Provocative, Pointed, and Purely Funny…
An Evening with Edward Allen Baker

April 7, 8, 9 / *13, 14, 15, 16 / 21, 22, 23

Up, Down, Strange, Charmed, Beauty, and Truth
A pair of teenage sisters struggle to escape their drug-addled mother with help from their favorite down-on-his-luck uncle. Thanks to a series of wholly organic, yet startlingly unexpected plot twists, neither the characters nor their situations are what they seemed when the play began.

DOLORES is the story of two sisters drawn together because of domestic violence that influences the lives of both characters more than they’ve ever admitted.

Mafia on Prozac
Jay and Tee are a couple of hit-men sitting by the ocean, reflecting on how their lives turned out. Their intended victim, Matt, awaits his fate in a burlap sack. When Al Capone visits in a dream, the outraged and desperate Matt gets dragged into refereeing the hit-men’s argument about the mob’s future.

Annual Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival—Region 1 Top Plays

Friday, May 4–Sunday, May 7

More information to come…

The Sand Beneath the City

May 25–27th

More information to come…

The Goat or, Who is Sylvia? by Edward Albee

June 9, 10, 11 / *15, 16, 17, 18 / 23, 24, 25

Winner of the 2002 Tony Award for Best Play
This tale of married, middle-aged architect, Martin, his wife Stevie, and their son Billy, whose lives crumble when Martin falls in love with a goat. The play focuses on the limits of an ostensibly liberal society. Through showing this family in crisis, Albee challenges audience members to question their own moral judgment of social taboo.

“THE GOAT is about a profoundly unsettling subject, the confounding, and convention-thwarting nature of love. Powerful [and] extraordinary…Mr. Albee still asks questions that no other major American dramatist dares to ask.” —NY Times. “…as challenging—and…as outrageously funny—as theater gets.” —NY Post. “…as fine a piece of theatrical art as any Edward Albee has created—and perhaps boldest of them all.” —Houston Chronicle. “The edgiest, most fervently debated Broadway play of 2002…” —Seattle Times.

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