2017 Playwrights and Artists Festival

When we look at a piece of art each person has a different interpretation of what they see. That is the beauty of art and the challenge to our playwrights. Each year we take three works of art and ask writers to write a play as they are moved or inspired by the artwork. We blind-read the submissions, select the best and produce them. The art is exhibited, we perform the play and ask the audience for feedback. It is our annual mixed media event that draws inquisitive art and theatre lovers to KNOW.

This festival is an important part of our season. It is about inspiration and interpretation. We challenge playwrights to look at our three chosen pieces of art and see where inspiration takes them and each of the journeys are unique. After blind reading the plays we whittle those 60+ submissions down to six plays, two for each artwork. And this year we are happy to bring back the element of music to the collaboration, coordinated by Strange Fangs Song Factory (www.strangefangs.com).
Then it is you, our audience, whose turn it is to come and be a part of the process. For a playwright there is nothing better than seeing their work fleshed out onstage. And in seeing it also receive feedback about their work. Each night of the weekend we choose one artwork, perform the two plays, and hear the music inspired by it. Afterwards there is a talkback that includes the playwright, the composer, the director and actors. We also like to include our artists if possible. This makes for an exciting night of theater.

Artist: Orazio Salati

Plays inspired by Out of the Shadows by Orazio Salati
Dear Lentil by Kerri Quinn
Do or Don’t Do by Adara Alston

Artist: Gordon Lee

Plays inspired by Disco Shrine by Gordon Lee
The Moka Pot by James Menges
Morally Inclined by Kris Tabor

Artist: Joseph Q. Daily

Plays inspired by Maria’s Wish by Joseph Q. Daily
A Thorn by Seamus Lucason
The Last Virgin by Shirley Goodman

It is that time of year again. We have chosen our artwork for the 2017 Playwrights and Artists Festival. We, as always, extend first look to those who have submitted to our festival in years previous. The artwork will follow a refresher on the rules. (Please be aware that some rules have changed)

  1. The play must be inspired by one of the works of art above.
  2. The play must be written between the dates June 17 and August 6, 2017.
  3. The play length needs to be between 15 – 20 minutes.
  4. Cast size maximum, 5 characters. Set should be implied.
  5. Plays submitted MUST be a complete play and must include a beginning, middle and an end and contain a conflict. Our judges will be adhering to strict parameters during the adjudication process.
  6. Playwrights may only submit one play for the festival.
  7. The playwright would need to attend at least one of the two weekend performances (which take place in November). In person is preferred but we have in the past skyped with playwrights. As our festival is starting to reach a greater number people in wider locations we feel that we must take this into consideration. We always hope our playwrights can attend in person and feel the energy and excitement of having their work performed onstage for the first time but we understand that sometimes this is not logistically possible.
  8. Plays must be submitted by midnight of August 6 2017.
  9. Submissions must be made to this email address (binghamtoncitystage@gmail.com) with “2017 playwright submission” in the subject line. (any questions may also be sent to this address)
  10. Please send 2 copies of your play, one with your name and information on the title page and one completely blind with only the title and the piece that inspired it.

There are no exceptions to these rules. We love the idea of fresh work based on the inspiration of our chosen art. We choose our artworks carefully. We love to see where it takes our playwrights. Each piece of art has infinite possibilities of inspiration. We wish all good luck writing and can’t wait to see the results.

Once the deadline hits we will take each play and categorize it by artwork and the plays will be sent to our adjudicators. There will be two plays chosen for each artwork. Once they are chosen we will contact all those who submitted. Please allow for at least three weeks to adjudicate.

Again we wish good luck to all those who choose to submit this year!

Happy writing!

If invited please feel free to share the event to anyone you think might be interested!

The deadline for submissions has passed and the plays are under review. We will post the results as soon as we have them. Stay tuned!