Know the KNOW


Our Mission

Founded by actors whose common goal is to provide theatrical performances of quality and substance. Through our dedication to this goal we produce plays that range from drama to comedy, from farce to fantasy, classic to contemporary and everything in between. Our hope is to present our audience with provocative, moving and above all, entertaining theatre.

Our Purpose

To provide:

Cutting edge, dramatic and comedic semi-professional theatre for Binghamton, New York, and the immediate community.
To provide the opportunity for local artists to work with professional artists.
To work with the immediate community to contribute to the education of aspiring artists.
To produce art that fills a particular niche in the immediate community that is not addressed in an ongoing manner.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has worked tirelessly to make the dream of a semi-professional theatre in downtown Binghamton a reality.

Tim Gleason: Artistic Director
Zachary Chastain, Executive Director
Mark Bowers: President
Richard Mertens: Secretary
Deborah Williams: Treasurer

Sima Auerbach
Santino DeAngelo
Kelly Fancher
Brian Nayor
Dora Polachek

Chelsea Reome
Mary Rezeski

Creative Team

Tim Gleason

Tim Gleason

(Artistic Director)

Tim has performed in over seventy shows up and down the East Coast. Some of his favorite performances include: Starbuck in The Rainmaker, Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird, Lenny in Of Mice And Men, Harold in K2, Coleman Connor in The Lonesome West, and Phil Hogan in A Moon for the Misbegotten.” He was awarded the Broome County “Heart of the Arts” award in 2009 for his ongoing service to the arts community. He has attended the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival – Region 1 as a director and adjudicator since 2002 and was awarded the Kennedy Center Gold Medallion in 2017.  The Gold Medallion is given to those who show great commitment to the Festival’s values and goals in excellence in educational theatre.

Zac Chastain

Zac Chastain

(Executive Director)

An Endwell native, Zac has worked both at home and abroad as an actor, writer, and techie. When he walks through the doors of KNOW, he feels at home. He is convinced that KNOW has the power to transform our community and offer a broader homecoming to a city in search of its identity.

Kat D’Andrea

Kat D’Andrea

(House Manager/ Resident Scenic Artist)

Kat received a BFA in Theatre Design from SUNY Fredonia in 1996. At Tri-Cities Opera, she served as the Resident Scenic Artist and head of the Properties Department. She painted many sets for Tri-Cities Opera, including Don Giovanni and Elixir of Love. Kat was also a member of the company at Ohio Light Opera as both a stitcher in the Costume Shop and as Head of the Properties Department for their 2003 season. She was able to be part of many productions for Ohio Light Opera, including My Fair Lady, The Grand Duke, Land of Smiles, and the premiere production of The Carp. Kat is very pleased to be working with KNOW Theatre as their Box Office Manager and Scenic Artist. Some of her best works of scenic art include Fool for Love, The Subject Was Roses, Burn This, Uncle Bob, BENT, Orphans, K2, Strange Snow, Vieux Carre and A Moon for the Misbegotten.

Duncan Lyle

Duncan Lyle

(Stage Manager)

Duncan joined the KNOW Theatre family when he stage managed Death and the Maiden in 2014. A native of Richmond, Virginia, he earned his bachelor’s in theatre arts at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey, where he stage managed, wrote, produced, created, built, and performed in countless plays and staged readings. After completing his studies in 2013, he spent several months in New York City as an intern with Off-Off-Broadway company The New York Neo-Futurists, before moving to Binghamton and falling in with KNOW.

Amanda Marsico

Amanda Marsico

(Production Assistant)

Amanda has “played” with KNOW Theatre in various ways over the years. You may have seen her long ago onstage in Bash, Kennedy’s Children, or Counting the Ways. Now, she has contentedly settled into her role behind the scenes where she gets to watch each play evolve into the spectacle you see before you. She puts together programs, supports the directorial team, and generally picks up loose ends using her skills as an administrative assistant.

Joe Brofcak

Joe Brofcak

(Light & Sound Operator)

Joe is happy to be back at KNOW Theatre. After being KNOW’s Stage Manager for three years, he worked in New York City as a stage manager, director, producer, and writer. His plays have received over twenty productions in New York and the rest of the country, and he wrote the film Red, White and Detroit for CrownWheel Pictures. Joe attended the Kennedy Center in 2011 to study playwriting. He’s returned to KNOW to oversee lights and tech, and feels its great to be home!

Jessica Nogaret

Jessica Nogaret

(Print Design)

Jessica has been active with KNOW Theatre since 2009. She is a local actress that has been performing for over several years. Along with performing she also studies graphic design. If she is not running around with a camera backstage she is working on KNOW’s official website and updating social media. She has been designing KNOW Theatre’s posters since 2014.

Our History

KNOW Theatre was created in 1994 and was incorporated as a not-for profit in March of 2006. Throughout the years KNOW Theatre presented award-winning and controversial plays in many churches and halls throughout Binghamton.

In July of 2006, KNOW Theatre rented space in the former Central Firehouse on Carroll Street downtown – now known as the Binghamton City Stage, Home of KNOW Theatre.  By working with the owner, the space was converted into a black-box theatre, which seats up to 75 individuals with 65 permanent seats installed on raised platforms. It is the only theater of its type in downtown Binghamton.


KNOW Theatre has incorporated a feather into all poster designs since its second show. The feather came to be when Tim Gleason and Larry Guidici (original members) were lamenting that some of their loved ones never saw them perform and had passed on. Gleason said, “Well, they can come to all of the shows now.” At the final dress rehearsal of the very first KNOW production, a beautiful white feather fell from above into the actors’ circle. The Feather has been with us ever since. Somebody up there likes us!


  • Fool for Love by Sam Shephard – September 2007
  • 5th Annual Playwrights Festival – November 2007
    • (Melfi, Kotoukas Plays – TBD)
  • Burn This by Lanford Wilson – January 2008
  • Cottonpatch Gospel by Tom Key and Russell Treyz, music & lyrics by Harry Chapin
  • S. Your Cat is Dead by James Kirkwood, Jr. – April 2008
  • Uncle Bob by Austin Pendleton – May/June 2008


2008 – 2009

  • The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams – September 2008
  • Doubt, A Parable by John Patrick Shanley – October 2008
  • Bent by Martin Sherman – February 2009
  • The Two of You by Brian Dykstra – May 2009
  • 6th Annual Playwrights & Artists – July 2009 – FIRST YEAR OF THE SWITCH TO ART INSPIRING PLAYS
    • Artwork: Painting by Denise Francino
      • Save Your Own by Ben Williamson
      • Transfer by Joseph Simon Brofcak
    • Artwork: Painting by Armando Dellasanta
      • I’m Not Dead Yet by Laura Cunningham
      • Attic by Marty Murray
    • Artwork: Painting by Orazio Salati
      • Sunset by Bill Murray
      • Leather Bound Concrete by Tony Yajko
      • Like Dreaming, Backwards by Kellie Powell
      • The Hornet’s Nest by Sean Walsh

2009 – 2010

  • Orphans by Lyle Kessler – September 2009
  • BASH by Neil LeBute – November 2009
  • K-2 by Patrick Meyers – February 2010
  • The Shadow Box by Michael Cristofer – April 2010
  • Black Comedy by Peter Shaffer – May 2010


2010 – 2011

  • Kennedy’s Children by Robert Patrick – September 2010
  • My First Time by Ken Davenport & people just like you – October 2010
  • 7th Annual Playwrights & Artists Festival – November 2010
  • That Championship Season by Jason Miller – February 2011
  • Listening & Counting the Ways (2 one acts) by Edward Albee – April 2011
  • Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune by Terrence McNally – June 2011
  • The Little Venice Makes a Good Drink by Leonard Melfi – July 2011


2011 – 2012

  • The Guys by Anne Nelson – September 2011
  • 8th Annual Playwrights & Artists Festival – November 2011
    • Artwork: Cubist Couple by Ronald Gonzalez
      • Stand by Me by James Micali
    • Artwork: Why Can’t Johnny Read by Ronald Seymour
      • The Late Evening Adolescent Raga by Marty Murray
      • The Sacrifice of Saint John by Tony Yajko
    • Artwork: Dumbo Squid by Robert Fundis
      • Circle Cycle by John Remington
      • American Wieners by Sean Walsh
      • Every Empty Mile by Teal Yajko
      • Dumbo Squid or Credit River
      • Gingerbread by Kellie Powell
      • Of God and the Big Mac by Joe Brofcak
      • Samira by Bill Murray
    • Bus Stop by William Inge – February 2012
    • The Lonesome West by Martin McDonagh – April 2012
    • Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet – June 2012
    • Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival – Region 1 Finalists – July 2012
      • Another August by Charlene A. Donaghy
      • Fragment by Angel Nunez
      • The Search by Alex Marshall
      • White, or The Musk Ox Play by Jonathan K. Fitts

2012 – 2013

  • Oleanna by David Mamet – September 2012
  • 9th Annual Playwrights & Artists – November 2012
    • Artwork: Hand Study by Joseph Daily
      • Broken Wings on St. Maurice by Charlene A. Donaghy
      • There’s Never a Chance But The One You Take by Sean Walsh
    • Artwork: In the Name of God by Christopher Hynes
      • My God is an Angry God by Maria DeLucia Evans
      • Rays by Marshall Frey
    • Artwork: Untitled by Tice Lerner
      • In Time by Jonathan Fitts
      • Sub-prime by Lisa Huberman
    • Circle Mirror Transformation by Annie Baker – February 2013
    • The MENding Monologues by Derek Dujardin – March 2012 (Benefit for Crime Victims Assistance Center, Inc. produced by Amoreena Wade)
    • Strange Snow by Stephen Metcalfe – April 2013
    • Vieux Carre by Tennessee Williams – June 2013
    • Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival – Region 1 Finalists – July 2013
      • The Walpole Defender by Evan Allis
      • The Rain Fell Up by Jaclyn Villano
      • w4m by M.J. Halberstadt
      • The Lighthouse by Michael S. Parsons

2013 – 2014 (20th ANNIVERSARY SEASON!)

  • LUV by Murray Schisgal – September/October 2013
  • 10th Annual Playwrights & Artists – November/December 2013
    • Artwork: Nurnberg Cathedral by Charles Hartley
      • Quick Fix by Shirley Goodman
      • Sword Play by Charlene Donaghy
    • Artwork: Untitled by Barbara Carey
      • Persistence of Vision by Sean Walsh
      • Cognizant Hall by Marshall Frey
    • Artwork: Transparent Café by Charles Bremer
      • The Compliance of James Caraghy by Jonathan Fitts
      • Fire by Anna Maria Trusky
    • Mass Appeal by Bill C. Davis – February/March 2014
    • The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler – March 2014 (Benefit for Crime Victims Assistance Center, Inc. produced by Amoreena Wade)
    • The Rainmaker by N. Richard Nash – April 2014
    • Death and the Maiden by Ariel Dorfman – June 2014
    • Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival – Region 1 Finalists – July 2014
      • Eskimo Pie by Stephanie Brownell
      • Geniuses by Abbey Fenbert
      • Line Please by Will Carter
      • Pass the Lingonberries by Nick Carr
      • The Sand Beneath the City by Abbey Fenbert

2014 – 2015

  • Vieux Carre by Tennessee Williams – September 2014 (Taken to the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival)
  • 11th Annual Playwrights & Artists – November 2014
    • Artwork: Barney Ross and the Renaissance or the Art of Boxing by Wayne Claypatch
      • Triptych by Aoise Stratford
      • Fight (For Me) by Maria DeLucia Evans
    • Artwork: Being and Time by Gordon Lee
      • City of Strangers by Joe Brofcak
      • One Universal You by Samantha Charlip
    • Artwork: Last Creek by Steve Carver
      • Need a Ride by Will Carter
      • The Postcard by Arthur Wayne Glowka
    • The Pillowman by Martin McDonough – February 2015
    • The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler – March 2015 (Benefit for Crime Victims Assistance Center, Inc. produced by Amoreena Wade)
    • Time Stands Still by Donald Margulies – April 2015
    • A Moon for the Misbegotten by Eugene O’Neil – June 2015


2015 – 2016

  • Proof by David Auburn – September 2015
  • 12th Annual Playwrights & Artists – November 2015
    • Artwork: Study for Ann’s Obsession (Birds in Gilded Cages) by Jerry Ott
      • A Rare Bird by Bella Poynton
      • Blinded by the Light by Dave Carley
    • Artwork: Untitled F by Chang Park
      • Get Hurt by J.E. Nelson
      • Dear Crossing by Lisa Kimball
    • Artwork: Spontaneous Combustion by Bruce Evans
      • Waiting Rooms by Sean Walsh
      • The Candidate by Maria DeLucia Evans
    • Visiting Mr. Green by Jeff Baron – February 2016
    • for colored girls who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf by Ntozake Shange – March 2016 (Benefit for Crime Victims Assistance Center, Inc. produced by Amoreena Wade)
    • Seminar by Theresa Rebeck – April 2016
    • Sight Unseen by Donald Margulies – June 2016


2016 – 2017

  • Dutchman by LeRoi Jones (Amiri Baraka) – September 2016
  • 13th Annual Playwrights & Artists – November 2016
    • Artwork: Aqua Purse by Blazo Kovacevic
      • MUSIC: The Bag by A.J. Rembert
      • Flight to Paris by Tony Manzo
      • Jailed by Sara Steuer
    • Artwork: Reaching Ever Seeking by Adam Schultz
      • MUSIC: Manic at the Monastery by Randy Jack
      • God as a Young Man by Sharon Goldner
      • The Power of Enchantment by Rex McGregor
    • Artwork: String_Hands_C_0238 by Sungchul Hong
      • MUSIC: Cat’s Cradle by James Wright Glasgow
      • Down to the Wire by Tony Yajko
      • The Skellig Angel by Sean Walsh
    • Of the Fields, Lately by David French – February 2017
    • Provocative, Pointed, and Purely Funny, An Evening with Edward Allan Baker – April 2017
    • Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival – Region 1 Top Plays – May 2017
      • Big Brother by Brianne Costa
      • Paper Planes by Michael Pisaturo
      • Techno-vention by Lesly Moreau
    • The Sand Beneath the City by Abbey Fenbert – May 25-27, 2017 (Benefit for Citizen Action produced by Amoreena Wade)
    • The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? by Edward Albee – June 2017


2017 – 2018

  • The Nance by Douglas Carter Beane (Jointly produced with SRO Productions III) – September 2016
  • 14th Annual Playwrights & Artists – November 2016
    • Artwork: Out of the Shadows by Orazio Salati
      • Dear Lentil by Kerri Quinn
      • Do or Don’t Do by Adara Alston
    • Artwork: Disco Shrine by Gordon Lee
      • The Moka Pot by James Menges
      • Morally Inclined by Kris Tabor
    • Artwork: Maria’s Wish by Joseph Q. Daily
      • A Thorn by Seamus Lucason
      • The Last Virgin by Shirley Goodman
    • True West by Sam Shephard – February 2017
    • The Mercy Seat by Neil LaBute – April 2017
    • Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival – Region 1 Finalists – May 2017
    • Tortured, Tender, and Triumphant, An Evening with Tennessee Williams – June 2017