Dear friends of KNOW Theatre …

There’s a tradition to leave on a “ghost light” when a theatre is empty. A single bulb illuminates the stage so that the spirits can come out and play while the rest of us are gone. With the state of the current pandemic we will not have audiences anytime soon. Rest assured, though, that our ghost light is still shining, just waiting for our audiences to return. With all things considered we are shifting our attention and excitement to the future. That is why we are launching our fundraising campaign …


KNOW Theatre is looking ahead to when we can be together again, experiencing the magic of theatre. We hope that we can start a fresh new season in February, but we have to get there first. We know we’re one of the many performing arts organizations that have been physically separated from our audiences — but as the only theatre in the City of Binghamton, we feel strongly about our importance to the quality of life in our community.

Please contribute to our Lights Up at KNOW 2021 fundraising campaign, and please share our story with your family and friends. Our goal is $25,000, which will serve as the bridge we need until we can stage our next production. You, our KNOW supporters, have come through for us in the past, and we are confident that you will not let us down now.

We thank you so much for your help over the past 26 years. In this critical time, please help us to thrive for years to come.

With love and appreciation,
Tim Gleason, Artistic Director
& the KNOW Theatre board