Acting Classes

Tim Gleason, Founder and Artistic Director of KNOW Theatre

Acting Classes for Teens and Adults

Beginning & intermediate students work with Tim Gleason, Founder and Artistic Director of KNOW Theatre. Students learn improvisation, monologue and audition skills as well as scene-work as they develop self-confidence & ready themselves for stage performance.

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“The great actors have talent, passion, and skill. Gleason will hone your skill with you. Your passion will increase as your skill grows. Your talent will thrive as you become more passionate. Tim Gleason gave me the questions I needed to begin to become an actor. Tim lays a foundation for you to grow. His theories are built off experience. The classes are fun. But far more important is the growth in the quality of your own work.”

Alexander Boyce NYU Tisch Drama Student, Stella Adler Conservatory Student

“Tim Gleason has one of the biggest emotional and psychological capacities I know. Learning from him is both a privilege and a gift. I know I can always count on him to be nothing but honest and articulate.”

Ilana Leiberman Suny Fredonia, Double majoring BFA theatre and dance

“Honestly, acting workshops with Tim were some of the best learning experiences of my life; he has such a warm and generous way of instructing and many thoughtful insights in the process. Tim’s love of the theatre is palpable and his enthusiasm contagious . His mantra, “You are enough”, inspired and encouraged me throughout my stage experiences– he’s just amazing!”

Susan Stevens

“Tim has a way of putting you, the actor, at ease while on the stage. He reminds you that ‘you are enough’ and you don’t need ‘to help’ the story along. He also is excellent at spotting moments where your own self-consciousness or fear might be surfacing and teaches you how to work through those rough spots in order to find your Truth. He is, above all, deeply compassionate and generous. He believes in you and your capabilities and encourages you to do the same. We are blessed to have him in our community.”

Joanna Patchett

“This man, by far, is the most giving and loving teacher to his students and to his actors. The love affair that he has for this craft is undeniable! I never thought I would be the performer I am today if it wasn’t for him recognizing and helping me hone the talent I have. Every time I work under the direction of Tim Gleason I grow as a person and as a performer.”

Jessica Nogaret

“I met Tim in the spring of 2006 and have continued to take lessons with him to this day. Acting with Tim Gleason is not just about the standard line memorization or quirky physical exercises; it’s also about breaking down your walls and reaching out to your emotions in as honest a way as possible. Not only do classes with Tim reveal yourself; they heal you, too!”

Brian Nayor

“I cannot say enough about Tim Gleason. He is actor, thespian, director, producer, advocate, preservationist, visionary, community-member-all wrapped into one, incredible teacher. Incredible does not come with a particular start or finish, but is a quality he possesses in line with the law of physics: whatever force the student gives, he returns with equal or greater force. No challenge is too big under Tim’s guidance, and when the student tries the entire process is imbued with equal parts contribution from him. There are various reasons or goals one might have when signing up for coaching with Tim, and those very goals may evolve or become more specific depending on the discoveries made in the process. Wherever one hopes to go, the type of integrity, kindness, humanity, compassion, vision, artistry, support, and joy Tim endows to each session will move you further along the arc of never-ending learning that is necessary to the craft of acting, to being a good person, and to the creation of compelling theatre.” 

Adam F.